Getting your business in front of the right person at the right time is crucial. It’s important that your PPC advertising campaigns take advantage of the latest tools and features. Google AdWords has an often-underused tool launched earlier this year which allows you to better connect with your ideal audience. We think demographic targeting should be an integral part of any campaign. Here’s the lowdown on how it could work for you.

All about targeting

Demographic targeting allows the user to narrow down their potential audience using the information they hold on their customers. If you know, for example, that to sell a new product you need to reach men aged 18-24, demographic targeting can help you do this.

When people are logged into Google, social media or other websites that share their data, Google can access this and make use of it in search. Users can edit their profile and preferences to include, among other things, gender and age. This means digital advertising can connect businesses with the right audience.

In Google AdWords, you can now target specific demographics and exclude others which are not relevant to your campaign under the following categories:

Age Range

– 18 – 24
– 25 – 34
– 35 – 44
– 5 – 54
– 55 – 64
– 65 or more
– Unknown


– Female
– Male
– Unknown

So, when a consumer with the user settings ‘female aged 25-34’ searches for ‘winter coats’ in Google, ads which have been set-up to target their demographic should show high in search results.

Does this mean more work for me?

Westcountry Media are experts in making your digital advertising work for you and your budget. We can offer independent specialist help and advice on getting the most out of your Google AdWords campaigns. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.