We pride ourselves on really getting to know our clients. Not only, because we love drinking tea, but because only this allows us to recommend the most effective strategies to ensure your success.

No Big Upfront Cost

No big upfront commitments. Simply spread the cost across the year.

All Results Can Be Tracked

Unlike traditional marketing, all results can be tracked and monitored.

Bespoke Plans

All our marketing is bespoke to each individual business after consultation.

Digital Marketing.

At Westcountry Media, we don’t believe every firm is the same and that there are ready-made solutions for all. Sure, we do offer some off-the shelf packages, but we’re more concerned with each firm’s individuality – who they are and what they want to achieve.

That’s why we like to take time to discuss our clients’ requirements with them and then consider the best marketing approach and develop highly effective strategies. Creating bespoke marketing solutions for each client helps to ensure the best possible result from their campaigns.

Whether you just want a website or ongoing consultancy on all aspects of your online marketing, we’re here for you. You can expect the highest levels of professionalism and results at all times, helping to propel your company forward.

Find out how you can profit from our services by booking a free consultation today. We’ll be happy to discuss your firm’s digital marketing plans and advise on strategies that will deliver the best possible outcomes. Although we craft tailored campaigns for each of our clients, some of the following popular areas and platforms may be included:

SEO Bridgwater

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Good SEO is essential to high-powered online marketing, to ensure you get the results you’re after and giving your company an edge over the competition. If your firm is not being returned high in search results, all of your digital marketing may be for nothing, as users are not seeing you, and buying from you. We have one-off and ongoing SEO services that are designed to boost your presence in the marketplace and put you far ahead of your rivals.

Social Media Marketing Bridgwater

Blog Posting

In the age of blogging, most static websites are at a disadvantage, finding it hard to attract the same attention on Google, compared to those regularly updated with new content. Yet running a blog can be time-consuming and, without the requisite SEO knowledge, of limited effectiveness. Let us run your blog for you instead. We’ll make sure your website features regular fresh new content, all SEO-optimised to help make sure each new post adds to your Google ranking as well as bringing in new visitors, offering you a temporary and more permanent boost to your business’s profile.

PR Bridgwater

Competitor Analysis

However you run your web advertising, you’re always going to be taking a share of the available traffic out there – a successful campaign and a high Google rank doesn’t just depend on being good, it depends on being better than the competition. With our special analysis, we’ll give you detailed reports on how and what your competitors are doing differently, and give you our professional advice on the best way that your campaign can adapt to get ahead of them.

Copywriting Bridgwater


Professional copy not only looks great on the webpage and engages audiences; it’s also essential for good search engine results, as nowadays poor content on websites is being weeded out by the search firms, rendering all of your online efforts fruitless.

Our high-quality copywriting service ensures you’re covered on all fronts, so that your site will blossom and grow.

PR Bridgwater

Press Release Service

Westcountry Media’s sophisticated press release service allows our clients to disseminate their information the way they want it, putting a positive twist on the stories that matter, from company developments to product launches and a whole lot more. Keeping the online and print media informed is an important part of doing business, and published stories create an additional source of inbound links for your website.

Video Marketing Bridgwater

Google Adwords

Google Adwords can be a powerful tool to draw traffic to your website, but if you don’t use it properly, you’re simply pouring money away. At Westcountry Media, we offer two services – we can make sure you’re set up professionally and help target precise demographics in the most cost-effective way from the start, or we can take over and manage your whole campaign, reacting dynamically to any events and changes in your company or the market to help you get the most you possibly can from your online advertising campaign.

“Offered great advice, turned the project around extremely quickly from first meet to live site. Fantastic and friendly company to work with.”

Paul West

Owner, PW Building Solutions

“Westcountry Media have been superb for the whole period of setting up my business. They are at the end of the phone or email when you need them.”

Frankie Petts

Director, Apple Lettings Taunton

“Fantastic service & advice. I can highly recommend Westcountry Media (UK) Ltd to anyone serious about their online business image.”

Ian Dawber

Director, 3D Security Ltd

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