We live in a digital age, with most people taking to at least one form of social media. Recent statistics prove that Facebook is still the most popular social media outlet in the UK, with 45% of users taking to the site several times a day. With that in mind, Facebook is an incredibly valuable addition to the marketing mix of your business. Here are just four of the amazing business benefits that Facebook advertising offers.

1. Detailed targeting options

Facebook advertising offers some of the best, and most detailed, targeting options. Not only can you select your target audience based on gender, age or location but also on hobbies and interests, marital status and career. You can also target parents of certain aged children or students. There really are endless ways to specify your target audience and ensure your ads are seen by the right people.

2. Extensive analytics

Facebook doesn’t just offer great results, it enables you to track the results too. With Facebook ads you can see the demographics of those who have responded to ads, helping you to target future marketing to that specific audience for even better results going forward.

3. Instagram tie-in

Through the Facebook ads set up you can also tie in Instagram advertising. This puts you out on another platform too, increasing your reach and helping you connect with many more potential customers. Instagram continues to grow in popularity so this tie-in is exceptionally useful for many businesses.

4. Endless possibilities

There are endless options for ad types with Facebook. Promotions can be set up to increase your social media following (likes) and to promote events, special offers or vouchers. It can also be used to boost click through rates to your website, capture customer details or simply encourage people to get in touch.

Of course, social media marketing will work better for some businesses more than others, but undoubtedly it is worth a try for most companies. You may be surprised at the results. For more information regarding the best options for your business circumstances, contact Westcountry Media today.