Merry Christmas from Westcountry Media!

Merry Christmas from Westcountry Media!

Christmas is a fabulous time of year and ideal for spreading lots of festive cheer. With this in mind, everyone here at Westcountry Media would like to wish our customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 2021 has been another busy year and we wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your support. Rest assured, we do not take it for granted and look forward to working with you all again in 2022.

Whether you are a current customer or someone we have worked with in the past, we hope you have the best Xmas and new year ever. We would also like to extend these festive wishes to people who might be looking for top-class web design/digital marketing services around Somerset in 2022. We look forward to working with you and helping your business achieve more as the new year comes around.

From taking a well-deserved break from work to enjoying gorgeous food, tasty drinks, exciting presents and time with loved ones, everyone at Westcountry Media hopes you have masses of fun. Make sure to have an awesome time and let’s hope 2022 brings everything you could ever wish for.

3 low cost marketing ideas small start-ups should consider

3 low cost marketing ideas small start-ups should consider

New businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy and crucial to the continued success of the nation. It is not always easy to run a fledgling company and there is always plenty to keep on top of. If you have recently started your own small business, you will know this is true! One vital area to focus on is marketing.

For small start-ups with a limited budget, thinking of low-cost ways to let people know you exist can prove challenging. If you find yourself in this situation, here are 3 great low or zero cost marketing ideas to consider.

Social media marketing

Digital marketing is a hot trend currently and a viable way to let people know about your new business. While some aspects like PPC advertising can involve more expense, other channels involve much lower costs. Social media marketing is a classic example of this. Setting up a profile for your business on sites like Instagram or Facebook is totally free. By regularly adding relevant content and engaging with users, you should find it simple to get the word out about your new venture.

Email marketing

Another digital marketing method that involves low costs is email campaigns. These are as they sound – you email regular newsletters or details of current promotions to those on your company’s mailing list. The key to this is building up an organic mailing list of people to contact. A common way to achieve this is by creating a sign-up message on your website which people opt into in order to receive future emails.

Word of mouth

For a lot of businesses, one of the best forms of marketing still is word of mouth referrals. This involves people who use your services or buy your products telling their friends how great you are. This works so well because it has a high element of trust and authority. Of course, it is ideal for start-ups with small marketing budgets because it costs nothing.

Expert marketing advice from Westcountry Media

As a small start-up, finding ways to engage with consumers without breaking the bank is key. The above are just a few ways to do this, but there are also others like content marketing and SEO too. If you need a hand with start-up marketing on a budget, get in touch with us today on 01278 556119.

Why quality content matters

Why quality content matters

Whether you’re creating copy for a new website, newsletter, promotion or another form of marketing, what you say and how you say it can mean the difference between success and failure. Here’s why the quality of your content matters.

It reflects your brand

When people read your content, they’ll form an impression of your brand immediately, so it’s crucial that this is a good one. Not only should you create copy that is useful and informative, showing casing your skills and areas of expertise, but you should also make sure that it reads well and is free from any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Poor copy littered with errors spells trouble and shows that you don’t put quality and care into your work.

It makes it engaging

Why go to all the effort of creating content that nobody is ever going to read? Whenever you put words together, whether you’re trying to promote a product or service or provide information and news, it should be readable, engaging and fit the tone and style of your brand and audience. It’s far better to focus on quality content rather than quantity.

It gives you a competitive edge

Very few businesses have a market monopoly, so when you’re faced with stiff competition from other brands, having quality content can give you the edge over your rivals. Think about how you can make your content unique from others by putting a fresh spin on ideas or topics to make what you’ve got to say grab attention.

It’s good for SEO

The quality of your written content not only creates a positive impression but it will also be highly favoured by search engines like Google. If you pay attention to how you curate your content, including relevant keywords and links, it can make a big difference to your SEO and could improve your search ranking.

If putting words together isn’t your strong point, it’s good to know that the copywriting experts at Westcountry Media are on hand to help create high-quality content for you.

Vital UX tips for small businesses

Vital UX tips for small businesses

A fundamental mistake organisations make with their website is to put their entire focus on search engine optimisation. Or worse, create sites that look amazing, but perform poorly.

Driving traffic to your website is of course, vital. However, you could still see poor sales. That’s because you also need to concentrate on your User Experience – or UX. If you have good UX, the investment you make in SEO is worthwhile, and you will convert a healthy proportion of your leads.

Here are basic steps to improve UX for small businesses.

Is UX the same as User Interface?

First, what does UX mean? Your user interface is the appearance of your pages, to make your brand clear and compelling. It’s crucial, as an unattractive, confusing or outdated web design is a huge turnoff! However, UX is all about page visitors having a good experience when using your website. It’s your digital customer service performance.

Responsive websites

Strong UX demands a website that performs well on any device or browser. Around 50% of eCommerce takes place on mobile phones. Are your pages optimised for small screens?

Fast and easy to navigate

Modern consumers and business decision-makers have short attention spans. Your pages need to load swiftly. Then, navigation should be logical, using the minimum number of ‘clicks’.

UX focused content

Content to promote your products or services needs to tell a story, showing the benefits of buying them. No waffle and superfluous background info; simply answer the question, “Why should I buy from you?”.

Calls to action

Converting leads with good UX also depends on constant reminders of how and why they should contact you or a one-click way to get to Checkout. It’s shocking how many small businesses think a ‘Contact Page’ is sufficient and neglect calls to action.

Payment pages

For eCommerce pages, abandoned shopping carts are a nightmare. Most occur at the payment stage. Focus on ways to make your Checkout process as easy, clear and reassuring as possible.

Get help with UX

If you neglect UX in your website design, you’re not just leaking sales. You’re wasting money on your marketing, advertising and SEO!

To get specific ideas on how to improve your UX, contact the web design team at Westcountry Media.

Simple SEO tips for small businesses

Simple SEO tips for small businesses

As a small business, getting your head around SEO can be tricky. Even if you do understand what’s involved, you might not have the time or resources to devote to putting SEO into practice. The good news is that there are plenty of easy SEO tips and tricks that any time-starved, small business owner can implement.

Consider your content

If you already write a blog for your web pages, you can improve how effective this is by tweaking the content you write about. Choose topics that will have a long shelf life, or are ‘evergreen’, so that they don’t age quickly and can remain relevant for a long time to come. This can bolster your search ranking.

Tweak your images

Are the images on your website selling themselves well? It’s surprising how quickly images can date, so have a good look through your site to find any photos that might need updating. Also, replace any that aren’t of the highest quality. Remember to include alt tags in your images and relevant keywords in the file name.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Take a frequent look at what your competitors are doing to market themselves to make sure they’re not in with a chance of poaching your customers. Staying ahead of the game is key so that you can offer your customers the best user experience possible.

Set up a Google My Business account

It’s free and quick to set up a Google My Business account, and the beauty of it is that you’ll appear in local search results relevant to your line of business. If your business also has a physical location, make sure to claim it on Google Maps.

Encourage reviews

Every time someone uses your services or buys your products, encourage them to leave a review online. Reviews offer a great way to boost your profile and increase customer conversions.

When it comes to help improving your SEO strategies, contact us.

The benefits of taking a step back from your website

The benefits of taking a step back from your website

There’s an old expression about someone having their ‘nose stuck in a book’, and you might have even seen artists at work with their faces almost touching the canvas. Both actions are fine in their place, but what might the bookworm fail to see? How can the artist gain a viewer’s perspective of their finished piece? And how does this apply to your business website?

The problems with standing too close

Entrepreneurs should spend time working on their business rather than in it.

It’s easy to see how many business websites tend to be written ‘from the inside out’, but they are trying to attract and motivate an audience coming at their website ‘from the outside in’. The danger of creating design and content for your own website can be one of proximity – to the products, the services and the company itself. Because of this, there can be a danger of:

+ Writing what you want to say about your business rather than what prospective customers need to know about it.

+ Using insider language (the jargon that all businesses use) which may not be understood by customers.

+ Failing to tell a complete story. Your deep understanding of your business can mean that you neglect some points which seem obvious to you, but these can be unknown to readers.

All these can be classed as simple sins of omission, but each can hamper the success of a business. If they’re confused or not completely informed, readers may simply give up and look for another source that meets their needs. By failing to take a step back, businesses can actually lose potential clients without ever knowing they were there!

Bring in outside perspective

Our team, here at Westcountry Media, can bring their outside perspective to your insider knowledge. Together, we can craft a high-end, professional web presence that can drive your business forward. To learn more, contact us now.