Google’s main aim is to provide all searchers with the most accurate result possible based on what they need. Google My Business was created with this exact purpose in mind, and is now the most important way businesses can promote themselves through Google. Better yet, having a Google My Business account is completely free, and there is no way to pay yourself to the top of the listings. Here are some of the biggest reasons why, as a small business owner, you now need a Google My Business account.

The rise of “near me” searches

“Near me” searches are those carried out by people looking for a local business to purchase from at that exact time. Ever since 2015, the number of searches performed on mobile has now exceeded those on desktop. This, coupled with the fact that 80% of “near me” searches are performed on mobile, means you need a way to get your business in front of people’s eyes exactly when it matters. Google My Business is the exact way to do this as you can be suggested both in map format and in typical search results.

The 3-pack listings

Instead of listing a number of businesses at the top of search results, Google has now adopted a 3-pack method. This method means that only 3, highly relevant, businesses are suggested to a customer. If you are able to develop your account to a point where it is listed in one of those 3 coveted spots, then the results for your business could be dramatic.

Evolving consumer trends

Another crucial reason to bear in mind is that, as Google My Business continues to develop, more and more customers become accustomed to using it. This means that, before choosing to purchase from someone, they use your Google Reviews as a means to work out your level of trustworthiness. If you fail to build an account, you are unable to build reviews and improve your online validation. However, if you encourage all customers to leave reviews, not only will Google start to trust you more but, more importantly, so will your paying customers.

Here at Westcountry Media, we understand the importance of Google My Business, and how it is giving local businesses a great fighting chance in increasingly competitive markets. We work with a number of clients to improve all aspects of their digital marketing strategy and know how to get the results needed. To find out more about how we can help your business, and create a tailored solution for you, get in contact today.