Now, more than ever, your website serves as an integral marketing tool for your company. With an ever-increasing reliance on and availability of digital devices, it is easy to find a company’s website and vet them for yourself. However, the great thing about websites is they also link in well to more traditional marketing websites. So if you are considering whether your website is up to scratch, or considering getting your first one, here are some points to highlight the importance of getting a great website.

Online marketing

Whenever people need a product or service, the first point of call has become a quick search on Google. Perhaps they are looking for a new toothbrush, a car to rent, or even a restaurant in their local area. Google is the fastest way to find a relevant response to their query, as well as compare prices and reviews, and ultimately make a purchase.

This has become an amazing tool for every kind of business as, for free, your customers can find you online and decide to buy from you. Though it isn’t exactly that simple and the whole art of SEO revolves around helping your business rank higher for certain key terms. Either way, with some effort and perseverance, your website can be on the front page of Google for searches relating to what you sell, which opens up amazing opportunities to find new customers.

In turn, a great website is essential as, if people were to find your site, then they need to be impressed by your image and to know they can trust you. The quality of your website will immediately serve as their first impression of you, so you need to make sure it’s a good one. You will also be able to include testimonials and indicators of what makes you secure and trustworthy, such as recognised accreditation’s and secure payment logos etc.

Offline marketing

As already mentioned, your website is not just relevant for people finding you online, but also for finding you via more traditional methods such as:

– Getting a flyer through the door
– Receiving a recommendation from a friend
– Seeing you listed in a newspaper ad
– Spotting you on the side of a bus or billboard
– Noticing that you sponsor an event

Regardless of which one of these methods they use to find you, it’s likely that they will check out your website before calling or emailing. They will want fast access to answers such as how much do you cost? Where are you located? Have people bought from you before? What makes you different?

A great website is integral to helping your potential customers get immediate and practical answers to these questions and starting the process of building a relationship between yourselves and them.

It should be clear that, regardless of how you choose to advertise, be it via more traditional methods or via new avenues such as Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, your website needs to be great in order to make you stand out from the crowd. Westcountry Media are helping businesses small and large to develop their online identity via fantastic websites.

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