Building your own website might seem like a cheap and cheerful way to promote your business, but unfortunately, the reality of the finished product often fails to live up to expectations.

First impressions

When a customer visits your website for the first time, accessibility is key. A poorly formatted website can take a sale from your company and make it business for your competitors. It can make it look like your business is trying to cut costs wherever they can, at the expense of the customer. This can leave visitors to your site feeling alienated and may prompt them to take their business elsewhere.

Time is money

The idea of getting your site up and running in under a day might sound appealing, but creating an original, quality website takes time and a lot of hard work, especially when you factor in proper design, mobile compatibility and SEO optimisation. Self-build websites are inefficient and can take a lot of time out of your already busy day to achieve results that are ultimately sub-par.

Experience is key

Realistically, creating a self-build website might be a fun challenge or hobby to undertake, but when it comes to your business, hiring a professional is the only way to ensure you’re providing your customers with the quality, accessible site they deserve. An experienced site designer knows that your website is your key marketing tool and will ensure that your site is generating enough traffic and business.

Why sacrifice your time and hard work building a second-rate website when for as little as £249 you could have a professional site with original content tailored to your needs? At Westcountry Media, we understand the importance of creating affordable, professional websites for our customers. To find out more, contact us today.