The power of video on your website should not be ignored. Video is easily the most engaging form of content that is available and is set to become even more popular.

Video is memorable

According to Comscore Statistics, over 80% of visitors to websites remember video adverts. Furthermore, visitors who watch a video are more likely to stay on your site for an extra few minutes and 64% are more likely to invest in one or your services or products.

Did you know that video marketing can actually boost your website’s Google ranking in a search by up to 53 times? The higher the ranking, the more likely you are to be found by potential customers.

Tips for making a great video

For a video advert to produce the results you want, it must be a good one.

Overly long videos are not a good idea as viewers’ attention spans can be short; a good video is typically only a minute or so in length. The quality of the video is also important so that it is impressive and easily shareable.

Your video must either inform or entertain or both. An entertaining video will keep viewers hooked and will inspire them to take action once the video is over. You must also provide a clear call to action and options for sharing, encouraging feedback and comment.

In conclusion

Video marketing is certainly worth the time and expense. A great video will guarantee better site visitor engagement, greater organic reach, more click-throughs and higher conversion rates.

Westcountry Media offer professional video presenter videos for much less outlay than you would pay for a far less effective newspaper advert. For more information about how Westcountry Media could create the perfect video advert for your website, why not contact us and have a chat with one of our helpful experts?

You can see an example video on our home page at and another on jewellery wholesale site