There’s an old expression about someone having their ‘nose stuck in a book’, and you might have even seen artists at work with their faces almost touching the canvas. Both actions are fine in their place, but what might the bookworm fail to see? How can the artist gain a viewer’s perspective of their finished piece? And how does this apply to your business website?

The problems with standing too close

Entrepreneurs should spend time working on their business rather than in it.

It’s easy to see how many business websites tend to be written ‘from the inside out’, but they are trying to attract and motivate an audience coming at their website ‘from the outside in’. The danger of creating design and content for your own website can be one of proximity – to the products, the services and the company itself. Because of this, there can be a danger of:

+ Writing what you want to say about your business rather than what prospective customers need to know about it.

+ Using insider language (the jargon that all businesses use) which may not be understood by customers.

+ Failing to tell a complete story. Your deep understanding of your business can mean that you neglect some points which seem obvious to you, but these can be unknown to readers.

All these can be classed as simple sins of omission, but each can hamper the success of a business. If they’re confused or not completely informed, readers may simply give up and look for another source that meets their needs. By failing to take a step back, businesses can actually lose potential clients without ever knowing they were there!

Bring in outside perspective

Our team, here at Westcountry Media, can bring their outside perspective to your insider knowledge. Together, we can craft a high-end, professional web presence that can drive your business forward. To learn more, contact us now.