To increase your sales and grow your business, you sometimes need to think outside the box and test out powerful online ads. Creating Google ads with a good return on investment, however, is an art form. This is why so many small and medium-sized ventures seek out help from ‘the best digital marketing experts near me’.

Let’s take a look at a few benefits of creating Google ads with help from an experienced agency.

It integrates with other marketing activities

The most successful Google ads are based on a clear strategy and plan that includes ways to integrate paid-for content with your other digital marketing activities.

For instance, getting your social media posts and Google ads all lined up to create a measurable upturn in traffic to your website. Then, your Google ad media team can provide vital intel on what’s working best, so you can do more of the same!

It’s a quick way to drive up leads

Google ads can be created and placed swiftly (once your plan is in place). They offer a quick sales boost when your organic marketing activities stall or when you need to launch a new product or service with maximum impact.

It is a multi-layered targeting method

By using the skills of a leading digital marketing agency, you can also benefit from a small but highly targeted campaign that can generate invaluable feedback.

So, you could test out a product, specific keywords or a fresh demographic. For example, does ‘men’s black hair dye’ do best with over-60s in Scotland or a younger target audience in SW England?

Clear ROI from Google ads

Don’t imagine that you need deep pockets to create a series of Google ads to promote your SME. In skilled hands, insightful online advertising campaigns can be developed that represent great value for money.

That’s because if you do Google ads the RIGHT way, you will have a measurable flow of sales leads so you can monitor your ROI.

How do you do Google ads the right way? By getting Westcountry Media to create and deliver Google ad campaigns that work. Contact our team today.