For small businesses, advertising is a crucial part of staying afloat and flourishing. If you are smart with your searches and savvy with your SEO, there are a number of tricks and tips you can use to increase the visibility of your site, and drive traffic to your business, allowing you to transform this into profits.

In today’s modern technological world, the internet is an absolute must in your marketing strategy. In particular, Google Ads and Maps are a potentially lucrative source of revenue and promotion. In a large number of local searches, the top half of all returns is now map listings and advertisements. Whilst this may initially seem a negative aspect, it actually offers a great chance for businesses ahead of the game to get to grips with Google Maps and Adwords, and take advantage of this bonus to increase traffic – We have seen client ads running which take over 20% of all searches for their target keywords.

There is no denying that the results in the natural results are hugely important, but there is also another side: the fact is that a very large proportion of local service searches occur through the paid ads or through the maps section. This can prove hugely beneficial to small, local businesses, who can tap into this potentially lucrative market and utilise it to their advantage.

Another key aspect of this is the level of accessibility: with a little know-how and research, anyone has the ability to increase views and revenues using ads and maps. There is a common misconception, perpetuated largely by some phone book publishing firms, that there exist ‘Special Relationships’ between preferred clients and Google. This is all fiction: in actual fact, the paid ads work on an independent auction system, whilst the maps section works on an algorithm that takes account of a number of factors such as location, reviews and citations.

Running a campaign on Adwords could be the boost your business needs. Take the chance to use readily available resources and channel them into your profits. Contact Westcountry Media today for a chat!