A fundamental mistake organisations make with their website is to put their entire focus on search engine optimisation. Or worse, create sites that look amazing, but perform poorly.

Driving traffic to your website is of course, vital. However, you could still see poor sales. That’s because you also need to concentrate on your User Experience – or UX. If you have good UX, the investment you make in SEO is worthwhile, and you will convert a healthy proportion of your leads.

Here are basic steps to improve UX for small businesses.

Is UX the same as User Interface?

First, what does UX mean? Your user interface is the appearance of your pages, to make your brand clear and compelling. It’s crucial, as an unattractive, confusing or outdated web design is a huge turnoff! However, UX is all about page visitors having a good experience when using your website. It’s your digital customer service performance.

Responsive websites

Strong UX demands a website that performs well on any device or browser. Around 50% of eCommerce takes place on mobile phones. Are your pages optimised for small screens?

Fast and easy to navigate

Modern consumers and business decision-makers have short attention spans. Your pages need to load swiftly. Then, navigation should be logical, using the minimum number of ‘clicks’.

UX focused content

Content to promote your products or services needs to tell a story, showing the benefits of buying them. No waffle and superfluous background info; simply answer the question, “Why should I buy from you?”.

Calls to action

Converting leads with good UX also depends on constant reminders of how and why they should contact you or a one-click way to get to Checkout. It’s shocking how many small businesses think a ‘Contact Page’ is sufficient and neglect calls to action.

Payment pages

For eCommerce pages, abandoned shopping carts are a nightmare. Most occur at the payment stage. Focus on ways to make your Checkout process as easy, clear and reassuring as possible.

Get help with UX

If you neglect UX in your website design, you’re not just leaking sales. You’re wasting money on your marketing, advertising and SEO!

To get specific ideas on how to improve your UX, contact the web design team at Westcountry Media.