Attracting potential customers to your website and getting them to stay long enough to respond to your call to action is the whole purpose of having an online presence.

But how many people do you lose? How many potential clients click on a page, have a quick browse, then disappear to be lost forever as merely statistics on your website analytics? Worse still are those who start shopping on an e-commerce site, then inexplicably abandon the process.

What if you could capture some of that attention back, collect usable data or generally turn that website visit into a qualified lead? One of the best ways to achieve that is with an exit pop-up.

What are exit pop-ups?

Clearly, by the very fact that they have clicked on your website, visitors have expressed an interest in your brand. An exit popup gives them a digital nudge in the right direction when they click the back arrow.

These exit intent auto response pop-ups serve a number of specific purposes, including:

– Reminding people of your USPs to invite further interest
– Suggesting they subscribe to your newspaper
– Asking them for feedback
– Reminding them (or informing them) of a special offer that requires a simple “yes”
– Inviting them to complete their order.

Why they are effective

The whole subject of popups is somewhat controversial, but one of the benefits of an exit intent message is that it is viewed as less intrusive than an entry or time-related pop-up.

The perception is that there is a certain logic and common sense to the question “Is there anything else we can do to help you?” or “Before you leave, can we ask your name?”. There is also something more personal about a message saying “Wait, your visit mattered”. All of this helps to ensure the take up of exit pop-ups is more likely.

This is a hard thing to measure unequivocally, though. If they don’t leave, then their next step may be swallowed up by your statistics on other actions, such as subscriptions. However, the industry believes that exit intent pop-ups can increase selling opportunities on your site by up to 80%.

To find out more on the topic of pop-ups in general and how effective they can be in meeting your business aims, talk to the team at Westcountry Media.